The Spice Girls of Socks


So, tell me what you want, what you really really want. I bet socks are not the first thing to come to mind, but I’ll tell you what I-

Ahem, got a little carried away there, but nonetheless, I want to enlighten you on why socks should not be an afterthought but an accent piece to supplement whatever else you have got going on in your outfit. Recently, socks are gaining recognition as distinct articles of clothing, closer to accessories (not just underwear)! For far too long, socks have been forgotten, and it is time to change that with a little help from one of the most iconic girl groups from the 90s.

Sporty Spice

The easiest way to expand your sock repertoire is to buy socks for the athlete in you. For men, basketball socks are a staple, but women can wear them, too! Just pair them with your favorite pair of sneakers, leggings, and an oversized sweater. Go out and by some official Cal brand basketball socks to show pride for Cal basketball whilst taking advantage of athleisure. This is an easy way to look coordinated with minimal effort! Or, if you want a more form-fitting look, go for the classic Sporty Spice outfit: a halter crop top and some tearaway pants with some tennis shoes and sneaker socks.

Baby Spice

This is for those of you that want a softer aesthetic throughout your day-to-day wear. Bobby socks were probably on those baby dolls you used to play with when you were younger. We can learn a thing or two from those dolls you had long forgotten about. By pairing some lace socks with soft slippers, a skirt, a ringer tee, and a plush accessory, you can show off your youthful glow!

Ginger Spice

If you have a wardrobe that leans toward simple patterns and solids, socks are a perfect way to add a dash of color to a clothing palette subtly without compromising the subdued qualities of the outfit. Pair mix-match, ankle length ringer socks with a patterned crop top, solid wash skinny jeans, and a pair of sandals to transform your look from “purely minimal” to “minimal with a side of coloration.” You can add another accessory of the same color of your socks to ensure that the socks don’t stick out too much.

Posh Spice

Now, we all have seen our fair share of cotton socks, but is cotton really the most sophisticated material we can wear? The answer is no. Fine mesh and velvet socks may seem riskier for those that do not usually take chances with their style but do not fret, the payoff for a successful outfit utilizing these materials for socks is worth it. Try a black mesh sock with some ankle boots, flared jeans, and a fitted boyfriend shirt to really show people who the boss is!

Scary Spice

Although Halloween season has ended, there is still time to bring character to your outfits! Novelty socks may seem like they are only confined to being worn “ironically,” but wearing them with a pair of sneakers, rolled-up jeans, and a graphic tee will successfully show that fashion and fun are not mutually exclusive. If you have some socks that are seasonal, don’t be afraid to wear them off-season; Christmas socks in July will always be a conversation starter. Same goes for patterned socks or even fuzzy socks, for that matter! You can marry those comfy fuzzy socks with a pair of Timberlands and leggings with a mock neck sweater for a cozy winter ensemble!

So, the next time you reach into your sock drawer, keep these tips in mind. Pretend you are in a girl group and let your creativity shine! Challenge yourself by building an outfit based on a pair of socks you love, and you might just shock yourself with the results. And as the Spice Girls once said, “Girl Power!” Oh, what’s that? The slogan has changed to People Power? Okay then, you heard it here folks, “People Power!”

Words by Michael Alvarez

Photography by Elizabeth Tang