Dress it Up With Dainty Jewelry


Trends come and go in the blink of an eye, but Garb is here to help you keep track of the hectic world of fashion. Sadly, we can’t spend every day getting dressed up for the next hype concert. Sometimes we have to fall back on the classics for a laid back networking or internship event outfit, or even just a cute daily look. Unfortunately, some “classic outfit” pieces—a white blouse, some well fitted jeans, a chic black dress—can end up looking plain.

Lucky for you: Garb’s got you covered for upgrading those uniform fits. Dainty jewelry, like delicate necklaces or thin rings, can add a subtle shine to compliment an outfit that falls just a little flat. Plus, it’ll make you look like you have more than a few dimes in your bank account.


We recommend going for a metal that suits you (gold or silver, steel, and rose gold are all great) with optional diamond or pearl additions. Fake metals or diamonds are fine as long as the quality is decent enough to prevent discoloration or chipping. Nobody will care or even notice, and anybody staring at your ears for that long is weird anyway.

Smaller charms or thin hoops that fit more snugly around your ears are ideal. The subtlety can be especially helpful in more professional settings for those of us with multiple piercings.

If you do prefer dangling earrings, though, just choose a pair with thin chains and you’re all set! These look great with any pulled back hairstyle and turn your face into the spotlight.


While your necklace doesn’t need to be choking you, it also shouldn’t be so loose that it’s getting caught on every possible object you pass by. A well-fitted necklace will complement the neckline of any shirt and bring together your outfit.

These necklaces can be paired with high collars (think turtlenecks or button ups) if you want to add some flair to a simple shirt, or you can show some skin and make your natural features shine.


There are so many ways to style rings, but don’t let that scare you away from trying them out! When we deal with delicate and thin rings, it’s best to wear multiple rings. Otherwise, it becomes hard to even notice the rings, and you’d be wasting your thirty seconds spent skimming this article.

Of course, this doesn’t mean just stacking five rings on one finger; mix and match by putting them on different fingers and various positions on each finger. If you’re unsure of how to match these, find the rings sold in premade sets until you have a feel for your own style.

To keep the look simple, try to avoid overly flashy or colorful rings or limit those to just one per outfit. Gemstones and thin bands are great if you want a little extra flare. Remember, the jewelry is a delicate accessory, not your statement piece!

You can buy jewelry like this from local boutiques, Lou Lou, Anthropologie, or Etsy. So next time you’re wondering how the hell to style “smart casual” for that networking event, take a tip from us and accessorize with dainty and delicate jewelry.

Words by Elizabeth Lemons

Photography by Chloe Akazawa