Dripping in Style


It’s now that dreaded time of the year again at Berkeley where the sky is gray more than it is blue and the ground is usually soaked in scattered puddles of glistening water… rainy season. I know that I, along with many other students, despise walking to classes in the rain (especially when you have a 1-mile trek over to Li Ka Shing), just to arrive drenched and freezing into a packed lecture hall. This gloomy rainy season lasts for about two months of spring and puts Berkeley in a bit of a slump. Just because the outside atmosphere remains in steady dull hues, that doesn’t mean your style has to take a step back to be dreary as well. Help lift up the spirit of campus by keeping rainy day style fresh and fun!

Don’t feel like you have to resort to outfits as dull as the weather in order to try to stay as dry as possible. Here are some ways you can weather-proof any outfit to look amazing while withstanding any amount of rain, wind or cold.  

Classic Chic

A classic girl knows what she wants and is always prepared for any troubles that may affect her meticulous routine. Don’t let some drab weather get in the way of you being the boss b!tch you were born to be. There are so many easy changes to make in your wardrobe to still turn heads as you confidently strut inside a lecture hall from a downpour of rain. There is nothing more classic than a well-fitted trench coat in a neutral tone such as black, navy, beige or khaki. While they can double as the perfect mystery solving statement piece, they are still a well-loved item that everyone should own as a closet staple. Style over a button-down or turtleneck top tucked into a fitted skirt or trousers with a pair of (waterproof) booties and let your confidence roll off of you like the drops of rain as you make your way across campus! J.Crew, Nordstrom and Madewell all carry elegant trench coats to accompany any sophisticated outfit.

Feminine Flare

Being a “girly girl” myself, rain can be the end all to a perfectly put together outfit complete with bouncy curled hair and light makeup. Lace and ruffles look much more lackluster when they are saggy and drenched in water. Avoid this problem with a brightly patterned or colorful raincoat that accents your bubbly personality. Try soft colors such as bubblegum pink, lilac or sunshine yellow. You can also add fun patterns such as polka dots, thin stripes or checkers. If bright colored jackets are not your thing, try a more neutral color like black jacket with a feminine shape such as belted or button down. Style the jacket with a casual, lacy dress, tights and some bright colored rain boots that make sure you don’t go unnoticed as you wind your way through campus to class or go out to get coffee with friends. Adding a patterned umbrella or pair of brightly colored rain boots will make the look stand out even more! Nastygal, Forever 21 and Zara always sell raincoats in unique, feminine patterns and colors. Hunter makes durable rain boots in tons of bright colors that are definitely worth the price!

Sporty & Skater

This weather actually can fit your sense of style perfectly even though it may put your active lifestyle on a temporary halt. Edgy windbreakers with bold patterns or bright colors are an essential aspect of the skater look, rain or shine. Adding an oversized windbreaker from streetwear or athletic brand can bring your outfit from simple to completely trendy while also keeping you dry. Try a dark, neutral colored jacket or a bright red or orange with a minimal pattern matched with a knit beanie and baggy sweatshirt. If color is more your thing, try a funky 80’s inspired color block windbreaker with some ripped jeans or leggings, a dark sweatshirt and rain resistant, white sports sneakers. Also, oversized rain jackets work perfectly with this look while also keeping more of your body dry! Nike, Adidas, North Face or even Dollskill all have high quality jackets in vibrant colors and patterns that will stay in great condition while also leaving a lasting impression for years after you buy them.

Rainy season can be a serious mood killer, but that doesn’t mean you have to resort to outfits as dull as the weather in order to try to stay as dry as possible. Go out and play in the rain and look amazing while you’re at it!

Words by Sophie Banta

Photography by Lena Zhou