How to: Spot an ABB

An acronym that stands for Asian Baby Boy. They’re cute, they wear Supreme, they’re probably fuckboys. But their skin is as soft as a baby’s butt, and they’re definitely using daddy’s money and stringing you along.
— Urban Dictionary

Here at Garb, we like to give the readers what they want. Due to the popularity of our article on spotting ABG’s, here’s a quick guide on your ABB, or Asian Fkboy, hunts!

1. Rave Bae

1 (1).jpg

He owns a Camelbak backpack, a collection of bandanas, and a BAPE face mask. You know this because there are at least half a dozen photos like this of him on his Instagram with his ABB bros and ABG hunnies. He also seems to lose his bro tank on purpose every time he goes to a rave. If you’re ever bummed about a sold out rave, this is the first guy you talk to because he’ll hook up with you… I mean, hook you up… with tickets… yeah.

2. Earrings and Tattoos


An ABB definitely has diamond or black studs. Probably went to get pierced with his other ABB friends. Similar to getting baptized, this ritual usually marks the official beginnings of the ABB life. And no, the piercing is definitely not on the “gay ear” as his Asian parents may say, because it’s on both. Tattoos are extra hard because they’re permanent. Unlike piercings which can be taken out, tattoos are a permanent symbol of ABB status.

3. The Comb Over Fade

A very standard haircut that compliments the natural spikiness of Asian hair. In my opinion, it’s honestly a pretty great haircut. Nothing wrong with giving ABB vibes now and then. Bonus points if you can see “the line.”

4. Bape, Supreme, Off-White, ASSC


Honestly the list of Hypebeast brands they wear goes on and on. The clothes usually depend on the budget of the ABB. From Forever 21 to BAPE to Supreme, the ABB can ball on any budget! His style is usually characterized by an “edgy” graphic tee, topped with a dark green or red flannel and distressed black skinnies. If he really has the money, he won’t let you look past his Off-White belt.

5. Ultra-boosts, Yeezys, NMDs


Not really too creative in the shoe department either. Whenever any of them gets a new pair of sneakers, a circle-jerk of compliments ensues. If they’re on a budget, they might just be wearing Adidas Superstars like their ABG counterparts.

6. Drives a Mustang


One of the cheaper sports car options, the Mustang is a very popular ABB vehicle. If you’ve ever been to Pekoe in San Jose, you’ve probably seen a herd of ABBs revving the motors of their respective Mustangs—sort of like a mating call.

7. Juuls or Vapes


Suorin, Vagon, Drop, Phixes, or the classic Juul—he either owns one or fiends off his friends’. Similar to his boba preferences, he can rank all the flavor pods because he’s tried them all. Interestingly enough, his nicotine addiction doesn’t seem to worry him.

8. Lambdas


ΛΦΕ is the world’s largest Asian-interest fraternity and also the best place to spot an ABB. So much so that Lambdas is practically synonymous with ABB. Their knuckles may be rough but all they’re really just looking for is an ABG to melt their tough exteriors. Just make sure not to show up with a pineapple.