Be Fabulous in Faux Fur


For this article, I ask you to be BOLD with your fashion choices.






Rock the 


Faux Fur Jacket

Harry Winston, iconic jewelry extraordinaire, is credited for saying, “People will stare. Make it worth their while.” Do exactly that with a faux fur coat, a bold fashion piece. Faux fur coats are trendy, but few are daring enough to incorporate it into their personal style. I challenge you to be bold with your fashion choices. You will come to find that faux fur coats are not only warm (and actually have pockets!) but are also versatile. And who doesn’t love a key fashion piece? They’re perfect for a chilly night out.


If you’re unfamiliar with this trend, just start off simple. Treat your coat like a centerpiece. Keep your outfit simple for a sleek look. If you’re feeling daring, try pairing the coat with bright colors. That bright colored dress you’ve been wanting to wear? Yes, that would be perfect with this coat. Plus, spring is here so it’s just another reason to go bold with color choices. Pink, blue, red, black etc. will match perfectly with this coat. Let’s keep it clean, classic and elegant. The coat will add a glam and sophisticated edge to any outfit with minimal effort.


Don’t forget to accessorize, but keep it minimal. We want to look elegant and classy, which is why I kept my sunglasses and purse the same color:


For this look I opted for a black sweater dress, a sleek black purse with gold chain details, and pointed frame glasses. Small frame glasses are totally trendy right now.

I got my Faux Fur coat at H&M; it’s long, warm, and isn’t too expensive for a college student on a budget that wants to look like a million bucks. The Cheetah Faux Fur Coat is currently only available in store but, you can get a similar one at Nordstrom here.

Not really into the cheetah print? Nasty Gal also carries a wide selection of Faux Fur Coats! This one is my top pick:

Screen Shot 2018-04-10 at 8.53.05 AM.png

I recommend finding a coat that makes you look good and feel good, cause let’s face it: not all coats are made equal. The right length, pattern, color and style will make all the difference. Get a coat that makes you feel and look fabulous. I recommend buying a faux fur coat in a versatile color so that you’ll be able to mix it and match it with more clothes in your closet than you would with another color.

Next time you’re hesitant of making a daring fashion choice think of Rihanna. She’s no stranger making to bold fashion choices. She incorporates statement garments into her personal style but she makes them fashionable. How does she do it? She styles her outfits flawlessly and owns it, with confidence. Just like her, own the faux fur coat. Rock it and you’ll be on top of your fashion game.


Let’s be real, @Badgalriri could pull off this blue coat, but you too can pull off a faux fur coat! Notice how she kept her outfit simple, top and jeans are the same color. That made her statement fur coat stand out, take notes.

P.S If you liked Rihanna’s coat as pictured above, I found a similar coat sold at Nasty Gal here.


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Words By Julie Gonzalez

Photography By Sara Ye


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