April Staff Picks


Add some spring to your style with some of our staff’s picks this season. Check out our favorite clothing items, shoes, and accessories for some inspiration (or to procrastinate on studying for finals - yikes)!


denim jumpsuit picked by Sara Ye

“I saw almost an exact duplicate of this denim jumpsuit at a Salvation Army but it fit weird -- I have dreams about it every night. Zipper fronts >> buttons!”

Staatsballett waistcoat picked by Albert Tres

“this is fire, don't call me a butler tho!”

Modern day peasant dresses picked by Valentina Diaz

“I really love the detailing of these peasant dresses and how they the decolletage. Very girly but still sexy at the same time.”


Everlane wedge picked by Sara Ye

“simple and clean cut and a nice subtle shade of lavendar, not your average strappy sandal perfect for spring uughghgh i want eveRYTHING FROM EVERLANE!!!!! :~)”


Vintage 2000s Sketchers picked by Olivia Dulai

“yes i did buy skechers on depop for 20 dollars. yes, it is the best purchase i’ve ever made”

Adidas picked by Duncan Lau

"Walk through concert doors And roam all over coliseum floors I stepped on stage, at Live Aid All the people gave an applause that paid." ~ Run-D.M.C.


Hair Scarves and Scrunchies

bunny ear & bow scrunchies picked by Rebecca Wong

“I'm bad at doing my hair and these make for a cute accessorized look rather than a boring ponytail which is like the one of the only hairstyles that I know how to do. It's laziness - but make it fashion.”

hair scarf picked by Emily Mustoe

“This is the perfect feminine accessory for spring! Wear it in your hair, on your bag, on your jeans, or tied around your neck.”


bucket hat picked by Raissa Ngoma

Hair's a mess, no care because fashion

Screen Shot 2019-05-01 at 9.41.14 PM.png


sterling silver ear cuff picked by Michael Alvarez

“A perfect way to accessorize without having to make a commitment.”

Hopefully our picks inspire you to break out of your comfort zone and dive into summer!

Words by Garb Staff