Dear Lazy People,


Monochrome is for you.

Let me guess, you are indecisive about what to wear and can’t figure out how to match clothing pieces. You missed every alarm, pissed off your roommate, and woke up, ten minutes too late. Now, if this sounds like you, here is how to not look as unfortunate as this morning.

All that matching guesswork is a pain which is why monochrome is the best thing that has happened to us since spring break. Okay, but what is monochrome? Monochrome is wearing one color.

This comes in particularly handy for situations when there is limited time to get ready before you drag your last two brain cells to class. With minimal effort, grab one color in your closet and leave the house looking clean, bold, and effortless. The looks below are “extra,” but the concept of styling monochromatically is simplistic and can be applied for a laid back day. Just take what is relevant and incorporate it into your everyday style, but I’ll let these looks do the talking for me.

Left on Red


Left on red, sorry friend. Try mixing different shades of the same color such as the warm shades of red in this weather-proof look. Wear a baggy sweatshirt with fitted jeans and make a statement with contrasting accessories like these metallic silver booties. For a more put-together feel, cuff your bottoms when wearing heels to avoid scrunching jeans. Finally, a splash of silver glitter on the eyelids will do the trick.



Play with texture. Different clothing materials add a bit more interest in the look but avoid going for more than three textures; otherwise, things start looking messy. For this look, a flowy, cotton off-the-shoulder top with a cropped linen pant seals the deal. From your day-to-night transition, toss on a cropped white leather jacket for extra warmth, and you will be looking sleek in no time.



Unlike the more flamboyant colors, dark green is more subtle and sophisticated, which makes for a lovely earthy look. Go for a slight V-cut top paired with olive green high-waisted shorts and an oversized suede coat. With some delicate gold jewelry, layer a Y necklace with a shorter pearl necklace to add a refined touch. Gold complements olive tones so beautifully. For contrast, throw on some chunky lace-up booties and finish the look with a dash of plum on the lips.

Last-minute tips:

  • Play with various shades of the same color

  • Accessorize with contrasting, bold colors for a fun addition

  • Play with clothing textures by choosing different materials such as linen and silk

  • Try a bold lip for a nice pop of color

  • Avoid wearing belts with monochrome outfits unless they are the same color

I didn’t cover the entire color spectrum, but experiment and work with what you already have! If you are looking to start building a monochromatic wardrobe, check out ReUSE, the student thrift store in MLK at UC Berkeley, a great place to find pieces under $5! Next time you flip through your closet with a stack of unfit clothing on the floor, choose one color and run with it.

Goodbye color matching, it was nice to know you.

You’re welcome,
a fellow lazy person

Words by Rebecca Yeap

Modeling by Rachael Boyle and Lydia Sun

Styling by Rebecca Yeap and Bethany Yeap

Photography by Rebecca Yeap