Watch Your Top! The Best Local Barbers


For guys, our hairstyle is a vital part of our overall style: a clean haircut will always compliment a fresh outfit. Because Berkeley is such a big area, it’s difficult to find a barber that you know will consistently keep your top neat and tidy for a good price. We’ve gathered a short list of places to try out, taking into account price, location, and average quality of cuts. Here are the top local barbers in Berkeley.

La Petite Hair Salon

La Petite is one of, if not the most popular barbers among Berkeley students. Across from the RSF, La Petite’s location makes it convenient for students to grab a quick cut routinely after class or heading home. The overall atmosphere is friendly: the barbers are talkative and ask for specific details about your desired hairstyle. The barbers here tend to specialize in Asian haircuts, and they have a deep understanding of how Asian hair works. The best part is that their service is offered at a very reasonable price point, at around $17 a cut. That being said, the barbers do vary in how they cut, so it is safer to be very specific with the length and type of haircut that you want. Make sure to book your appointment early because they do get busy!

Pros: Proximity to campus, Specialization in Asian hairstyles, Price

Cons: Must be specific with instructions, Waiting times.

Edge Hair Salon

Edge Hair Salon is also a well-known salon in the area that has a good reputation for its consistently solid cuts. Located behind Unit 3 along with the 1951 Coffee Company, Edge is close to campus and easily accessible. In addition, the salon also accepts walk-ins, which is great for cleaning up last minute before a date or a professional event like an internship interview. The barbers at Edge are primarily Asian, so they are comfortable with Asian hair, while also being able to cut various hairstyles. Many students have found that the quality of the haircut varies depending on the specific barber, ranging from “absolute quality” to “it was alright.” Be sure to ask around the community for recommendations on which barber suits you best — you won’t regret it! All in all, Edge offers a reliably clean haircut at the thrifty price of $18 per cut. Give it a shot and you might find yourself joining its large crowd of regulars!

Pros: Price, Walk-ins (appointment preferred), Consistent

Cons: Barbers vary


For those who really take care of their hair, Levels is a high-end barber shop that is known for its quality cuts. Near the edge of downtown Berkeley, Levels isn’t exactly around the corner, but many students don’t mind the distance. At a hefty price of around $40, a Levels haircut is almost ensured to be clean. The barbers are very experienced and smooth, while also attentive and conversational. They are able to cut a variety of different hair types and hairstyles (they know how to give a mean fade). In addition, Levels brings a very sophisticated, stylish vibe to their studio. This is reflected in their work: you will get a smooth, enjoyable haircut experience. A Levels cut is perfect for any important event at which you need to look your absolute best. If you are willing to spend the money, they will take care of you!

Pros: Quality, Atmosphere

Cons: Location, Price

Student Barbers

I can’t remember how many times I’ve asked someone with an exceptionally good haircut, “Where’d you get that?” and was met with a “oh, I know someone who cuts.” In Berkeley, many of us can’t afford or are too busy to book an appointment for one of the local barbers, so we look towards our friends and acquaintances for a cut. Ask around your community and you might find someone who can give you a cut that is both superior in quality and price!

Honorable Mentions: Maxi Hair Salon, Amplify Hair Salon

Words by Tyler Wu

Photography by Cindy Huang