5 Ways to Style a Collared Shirt


Yeezy’s Disciples

A look heavily inspired by the man himself Kanye West. Wear an earthy colored hoodie (preferably Gildan’s Sand Hoodie) and an oversized flannel. The shirt can also be thrifted to add a distressed look. Ideally, pair this with some distressed, Fear of God-esque jeans (cheaper option, pricier option) and some Ultra-Boosts; but that’s my inner hypebeast getting carried away… For the look to work, you don’t HAVE to wear these exact pieces, any pair of jeans and sneakers should do the trick!



Need to go to a Christmas dinner or a semi-formal event but hate dressing up? Don’t worry, it’s not as intimidating as it seems. Throw on a solid-colored collared shirt (white or light blue are my favorites). Depending on formality, you can tuck or untuck, you can roll down or roll up the sleeves, you can pair it with some dark chinos or suit pants, and you can even pair it with a wide array of shoes. You can rock it with sneakers and pin roll your pants, or wear some dress shoes and let the pants flow over the top of the shoe. Throw on a knit sweater to add some warmth while maintaining your smart-casual vibe.


French Chic

If you follow streetwear pages on Instagram, you would have seen the trend to wear oversized, vertically striped button up shirts. Our next look involves a light blue shirt, cuffed and unbuttoned to show the graphic t-shirt beneath it. Both of the top pieces are from UNIQLO’s collaboration with the British designer-label JW Anderson. Of course you can choose any other shirts, but what makes the look is the light blue vertical stripes and the oversized fit (you can probably find one at your local thrift shop). You can pair this look with tighter, dark pants and some clean sneakers to look slick, or with wider khakis and some chunky shoes (thrift cheap option or buy this expensive option) to reinforce the “dad” look.


Flannel Season

As Autumn falls upon us, this is an ideal fit as it’s both warm and stylish! Pair a plaid, heavy flannel with some dark jeans and cozy, rugged boots (here are a few of the many option that work: chukkas, rugged). The shirt can be tucked or untucked, this is really up to personal preference. Wear a plain white t-shirt to add warmth and to add the option to unbutton the shirt. If you want to have more fun with it, you can wear some wack socks.


Frat boy

This is the ideal fit for a Saturday with the boys. Wear a pastel collared shirt (ideally Vineyard Vines) with some khakis and none other than boat shoes. If you’re feeling extra frat-boy, you can wear some high socks. Complement this look with a preppy belt and a brewski. As the night goes on, make sure to unbutton your shirt and show off that RSF-bro body.

These are 5 examples of looks you can go for, but collared shirts are so versatile that they work with TONS of outfits. You can go from formal to street, depending on the fit and condition of the shirt. Be creative and don’t be afraid to try different looks!

Guide, Albert TresTasnim Tallman